Build Ambition First

Many thousands of young people, living in the least affluent and successful areas of Britain are denied the opportunity to aspire to be the best. This is most often because they have been excluded

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or failed by formal education. As a result their lives often become a self-fulfilling prophesy driven by dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment.

Before they have even started out on their path in life, they may feel that doors have closed and a vast number of opportunities to succeed in life have been denied to them. So the easy wins of crime or welfare, the escapism provided by narcotics and the belonging and meaning provided by gangs and violence are all the more attractive.

If they are lucky enough to avoid these traps, starting families is very often the only real choice that young people are empowered to make for themselves. But without any real support mechanisms or skills to manage these experiences smartly, families struggle to survive, driving the whole vicious circle even faster.

It’s simple. If young people do not understand the possibilities to which they can aspire, it will be impossible for them to develop the ambition they need to change their world.

Find out more about ambitionUK our programme to help young people build success for themselves.